Construction Administration’s design team plays many roles in supporting the overall mission of The University of Alabama. The design team is comprised of architects, engineers, and support staff. The design team is responsible for the planning and design of all capital projects and physical improvements undertaken by the University, including:

  • Ensuring construction projects are in compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Leading selection of design consultants engaged by the University
  • Updating and maintaining the design guidelines and standards for the university
  • Involvement in the bidding, construction, and occupancy phases of the projects to ensure scope and quality are maintained
  • Overseeing the integration of sustainable design, a respect for the environment, and conservation of resources
  • Developing budgets and scope for construction projects
  • Providing management support for Construction Administration
  • Advising senior administration regarding planning, design, and construction issues
  • Managing pre-construction design activity on campus projects, including feasibility analysis, programming, preliminary studies, code review, project design, and development of contract documents
  • Acting as the building code authority for the University
  • Facilitating compliance of the University with accessibility requirements mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)